What should I wear to the cinema with my boyfriend?

Question by charlii_xx: What should I wear to the cinema with my boyfriend?
I’m going to the cinema next saturday with my boyfriend and I have no idea what to wear! Any suggestions are welcome, I can get stuff online so stuff from new look, topshop or river island but I don’t mind:) Thankyou!

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Answer by Brittany D
try wetseal!
i love there clothes and most stuff is on sale or clearance.
but maybe wear some skinny jeans with a long shirt with a nice hair style i would do culrly and a long necklace:)

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  • Denise  says:

    what about skinny jeans, sandals or flats, a nice t-shirt and a cardigan on top or a look like the one in the link from river island: http://xml.riverisland.com/flash/content.php and see the 70s look

  • Chuck ;D  says:

    depends on the weather.
    if it’s chilly maybe some nice skinny jeans, but don’t wear them with flip flops it looks chavvy and cheap. or maybe a nice dress and some tights, paired with some low top converse of brogues. and if it’s hot you can wear a pair of nice short shorts for your boyfriend. ;) but bring a jumper – may sound silly as you’re gonna be inside but cinemas have air conditioning, i always get cold.

  • Veronica C  says:

    trust me when i say: a good skinny jeans,high heel,and a beautiful long shirt.
    Finally a bag trunk style.So you are simple but at the same time glamour and beautiful.
    I am italian and I assure you that this is the must!!!

    fun for me too! =)

    p.s.sorry for my orrible English

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